Consulting Room

Trusted by thousands of venues around the world, TimeTble is the smartest way to manage your space.

Orderly scheduling of spaces such as consulting rooms can prove to be extremely challenging for practitioners. Timetble allows therapists and doctors to manage their bookings according to the real-time availability of the space. Clients can book their own sessions by accessing the schedule with restrained permissions, increasing security.

Timetble would help in reducing administrative workload by moving the scheduling space online. Timetble can provide a reliable platform for managing bookings for consulting rooms. Timetble has a brilliant user interface which allows practitioners to directly interact with users in a secure manner.

Practitioners and managers can add time slabs where no bookings are allowed to ensure proper changeovers between sessions. Timetble provides a way for granting admin privileges to owners so that they can securely add, manage and edit bookings. Increased privacy, wherein only authorized members can view bookings and along with integration of the most secure online payment systems.

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